Wool Weekly - Volume 4

We’ve had another great, busy, week at Wool, and thanks to currently being between office spaces, we have been checking out some of Manchester City Centre’s top hotspots for working.

Firstly, some of the team headed off to Takk, a true Northern Quarter location with its ultra hipster feel. If you fancy a nice place to work, some good coffee and a tasty brunch, you should definitely hit up Takk for a great coffee shop.

For the majority of the week, we have been having a wonderful time working out of Ziferblat. If you haven’t heard of Ziferblat, it is a pay by the minute cafe where you are free to do whatever you fancy, and eat whatever you like (as long as you clean up after yourself) through the payment of your time. We love the idea and find it the perfect place to sit back and work, maybe even play a quick game of chess.

We’ve also had some awesome meetings with fabulous people and can’t wait for some of the super exciting things which we have instore!

If you have any questions on anything else we get up to at Wool Digital, or just fancy a free coffee, drop me a line at hello@wool.digital or give me a call on 0161 635 0045.


0161 635 0045